Chevy Tracker Gas Mileage

Chevy Tracker's Not Bad For Fuel Conservation Either

Have you heard of the Chevy Tracker; do you now what the Chevy Tracker Gas Mileage is? This little SUV came on the market back in 1990. When it was introduced it was offered as a 2 door hardtop and a 2 door convertible. This little SUV had part time 4WD. It was available in two trim levels; you had the base model and the LSI.

After its inception Suzuki brought out its own model, they called their version the Sidekick. Under the hood the tracker comes with a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine. This type of engine due to its size and capacity lends itself to good gas mileage, these cars were not that heavy, yet very versatile. The convertible version was a convertible of sorts; to me it was more like an extended sunroof. You just fold the top back to the rear bar.

When it was launched back in 1990 it came with the 5 speed manual shift and the 4WD option was standard. Later in 1991 they brought out a 2 wheel drive version and this was a rear wheel drive. Back in the day they had the good old rear drum brakes.

The four cylinder engine was eighty horsepower, acceleration was poor, but later on in its life the upped the horsepower to 95. Even with the 95 horsepower engine you still had to bury the accelerator to get the geo on the road. This of course is one of the side effects of a smaller engine, you can get good gas mileage but you may have to sacrifice when it comes to performance.

Initially as mentioned they came on the market with a five speed manual, later they brought out the automatic, the five speed is definitely a better option if you want to get more out of the engine. With the five speed you have more control over the performance giving you the ability to get that little bit more out of it.

In terms of gas mileage which is a very popular subject these days with mounting energy costs and a volatile world, the Chevy tracker 2 wheel drive can get up to twenty eight miles per gallon on the freeway. The four wheel drive version gets in around twenty four miles to the gallon.

The handling on the geo tracker is not that great, but good enough, when taking narrow turns do so with care. Being one of the earlier SUV styles it has the higher center of gravity which can make it feel like it is tipping over on a sharp turn, all in all though it is not that bad.

Throughout the years there have not been any major significant changes to the Tracker, mainly cosmetic with a slight boost in horsepower as mentioned. This little SUV can be very practical and the Chevy tracker gas mileage is good even by today’s standards. Of course there are other things you can do like hypermiling, to improve the gas mileage even further depending on what your needs are...

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